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Cindy Novelo: Music

Daddy's Song

(Cindy Novelo)
w/Tom Prasada-Rao, Cary Cooper & Dirje Smith - Music and Lyrics by Cindy Novelo

Touched by the dedication of my song "Sunflower Fields" to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary, my father decided I needed a better guitar.  So he surprised me that year at Winfield's Walnut Valley festival by telling me he was going to have one custom built for me.  Two years later, I had my treasured Lotus Blossom in my hands.  It's a thing of beauty to hear and to see... hand-crafted by highly accomplished luthier Steve Lambrecht of Sacramento, California.  So I decided the first song I wrote on my new guitar should be a thank you for my father.  This song is the result.  Thank you, Dad, for all you have ever done, and all you continue to do.