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Cindy Novelo: Bio

BIO - Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, Life Coach, Educator

 "After listening to Cindy Novelo's new CD, "Meditation," I can tell you that tomorrow's gratitude list will be rife with thankfulness for this beautiful masterpiece… Love, light and peace bubble out and spill over from this work of art…

What an inspiring gift to the world."

 ~ Pam Grout, New York Times best-selling author

An award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Novelo’s music is a mesmerizing fusion of Americana, classical and world music - soulful sounds that rise from the hollows of Appalachia, Europe, India and beyond. Her most recent CD ‘Meditation’ pushes the boundaries of her innovative and luscious sound, resulting in a deeply moving musical experience.  

Cindy Novelo finds her inspiration in a deep desire to help bring harmony to the world - through her music, but also through the sharing of her stories and the work she does with both groups and individuals. Over the past several years - and in particular since her journey through ovarian cancer in 2010 - she found herself sharing from the stage more and more of her life story and the ways in which her experiences have opened her to the abundant grace in the world - even within misfortune.

As she traveled the country as a professional performing songwriter, time and again members of her audience shared how much her stories meant to them which resulted in requests for Cindy to present to groups as a speaker, workshop presenter and retreat facilitator, as well as working individually with clients who have faced various life challenges.

Novelo’s authentic sound led Kansas Public Radio's Bob McWilliams to select her album Stone's Throw as one of his top picks for best folk albums of the year, along with albums by Sarah Jarosz, Richard Shindell and Cheryl Wheeler.  “Her arrangements...reverberate with the melodies and traditions of both Medieval and Romantic Europe.  The smoky peat fires of the Celts mix with the disciplined heat of full-on symphony... The human condition – bold and beautiful – is what speaks to us through her music.” ~Blue Sky Green Earth magazine

Cindy sees all of life as a wondrous adventure - even the daily, seemingly mundane events of our lives. She grew up studying music and dance, then went on to study international politics in France, where she received a Certificate of Political Studies from the Political Science Institute of the University of Bordeaux. While in France, she also continued her study of viola performance at the Conservatory of Music of Bordeaux. She then moved to Costa Rica where she served as Assistant Principal Viola with the National Symphony of Costa Rica for several years. She later moved to Belize where she owned a business and raised twin daughters - resulting in 17 years living abroad. Upon returning to the United States, she worked for many years in international education, teaching and advising students from many different walks of life. She is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) with a passion for yoga and yoga philosophy and developed a university-level course entitled The Ancient Art of Yoga which she taught for several years at Baker University. In 2009, she returned to devoting herself full-time to music, merging her classical training with her deep love of folk music.

Cindy has lived through times of jubilation and joy - as well as sorrow and challenge, including divorce, single parenthood, sudden job loss, and her journey through ovarian cancer. But through it all one basic thing has always rung true: Life is full of grace and magic - and is to be savored, every step of the way. The challenges she has faced have fortified her and taught her to mine the endless beauty that springs from perceived darkness. It is this deep wisdom that Cindy brings to her music, performances, workshops, retreats, and life coaching. Her message is one of peace, hope, light and personal transformation. Cindy aspires to be a beacon on the path that leads to a more vibrant and expansive way of being as she helps others to awaken to the grace, beauty and magic in their own lives.

Cindy is currently authoring two books - one about her experience with cancer and cancer treatment entitled “How Can I Keep from Singing?” reflecting her unending gratitude and joy for life, and the other a memoir about her time in Belize entitled “Life on a Small Island.”

A native of Lawrence, KS, Cindy has performed across the U.S., in Europe and Latin America.  


 "We are all here on this blessed earth to share our gifts with one another.  Thus community is created, each connection a strand in this beautiful web we call life.  It is my honor and privilege to be here among you.  May the breath of music light your soul.” ~Cindy

Words of Praise


"Cindy’s CD ‘Meditation' is mesmerizing, enchanting, captivating… If you buy only one piece of music this year, make it this CD. You'll love every divine note." ~ Jennifer Blumenthal, Soul + Life Coach - Nashville, TN


There are absolutely no words - none - to say how much I love this CD (‘Meditation’). It touched some deep part of me… I can’t listen without wanting to cry, but in a good and life-giving way. ~ Paige Britt, author, spiritual director, meditation teacher - Georgetown, TX


Stunning . . . So beautiful, haunting, evocative. Simply exquisite. ~ Julie Cisz, Psychologist and crystal singing bowls performance artist


"One of my spiritual practices is to text three gratitudes each morning to my power posse. After listening to Cindy Novelo's new CD, "Meditation," I can tell you that tomorrow's list will be rife with thankfulness for this beautiful masterpiece… Love, light and peace bubble out and spill over from this work of art… What an inspiring gift to the world." ~ Pam Grout, New York Times best-selling author of E-Squared and E-Cubed


"When Cindy's bow hits the strings I am captivated.  Her tone is intoxicating, and her phrasing makes me weep."  ~Tom Prasada-Rao, Producer and Singer/Songwriter - Dallas, Texas


"Cindy Novelo's music is rich with wide open landscapes, deep inner musings and full-on passion. Her voice draws you in while her fiddle soars and her songs inspire."  ~Brooks Williams, Guitarist, Composer and Songwriter – Cambridge, United Kingdom


Cindy, her music, and her presence envelope the earth like a warm wind – powerful, welcomed, refreshing, nurturing, and heartening.  ~ David Roth - Singer, Songwriter, Speaker


"Cindy Novelo’s music is enchanting. She draws such beautiful and evocative, even haunting, sounds from her instruments...” ~ Gregg Levoy, Speaker, Seminar Leader and Author of ‘Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life’


I am so inspired by your songs and stories. You have become "the hope of the hopeless people." Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place by your presence… ~Eyyup Esen, Ph.D., Director, Dialogue Institute of the Southwest - Kansas City, MO


"Peace, inner expansiveness, a soulful quiet and present mind - these are the things I experience when listening to Cindy’s music. Such power within deceptive simplicity." ~ Faith Rumm, artist and owner, RummStudio, Mariposa, CA


As I listened to your music, I was immediately taken to such a peaceful, uplifting place. It was a huge embrace of light and love and for that time, all was well in my world. ~ Shawnee Kilgore, Singer/Songwriter - Austin, TX


Your voice and the humble honoring way you serve the songs and lyrics brought me to tears… I have never heard anyone I love listening to more than Eva Cassidy and James Taylor until you. I felt you serving the beauty of the songs/lyrics with such humble majesty. I wept. I especially love Stephen Foster's "Hard Times Come Again No More" - your version topped James Taylor and the world's greatest cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. Your singing and life-song are one seamless beautiful refrain. I am touched beyond all measure and know all who listen will be graced beyond measure as well. ~ Dale  Beaulieu, Lawrence, KS


From the first note, Cindy’s music instills a serene sense of peacefulness... and fills the room with grace and love allowing me to completely detach from the world around me.  The effect of the music and Cindy’s voice is so calming that I feel relaxed, happier, and less stressed.  What a wonderful gift she shares with us! ~ Don Chatfield, Ph.D., Executive Director, Osage Forest of Peace - Sand Springs, OK


"If balance, love and gratitude made music, I would imagine it to sound like Cindy Novelo's album "Meditation." This recording...reminds one of our connections with self and how that impacts our surroundings. My grandfather taught me to look within myself for answers and balance that inner searching by seeking the wisdom that surrounds me.  Cindy Novelo has just made the soundtrack to that lesson." ~ Kasey Rausch, Singer/Songwriter - Kansas City, MO


A genuine expression of art--utterly sincere, simple and innocent.... ~Indian violin master Purnaprajna Bangere


"Known for her hauntingly beautiful voice and style…this gifted multi-instrumentalist truly takes romantic to a whole new level with poignant sounds from around the globe."  ~Oklahoma's The Current


“Cindy Novelo speaks through her viola, fiddle & guitar with passion, tenderness and magic. Her playing on The Water is Wide brings me to tears...”  ~Kelley Hunt, Blues Musician, Composer and Singer/Songwriter  


"…your music brings peace, love and hope to all with open ears." ~David Joslyn, Baldwin, KS  


"Heartfelt and enchanting…" ~House Concerts Unlimited, Tulsa, OK


"A genuine treasure." ~Jim and Deb R., Kansas Sampler Festival